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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Seven Fun Toddler Maths

By Stella Matilda
Young children are at the stage of discovering and learning new things. This is an awesome way to introduce simple math ideas to your kids. This doesn't even mean we are pushing for academics on them because they are still so young. 
Children are always curious and we can incorporate all these creative ideas that will indirectly introduce numbers, shapes and patterns during play time.
Here are some ideas you can make learning fun:
1) Colourful Counting Activitiy

2) Counting Math Tray

3) Shapes Treasure Basket

4) Number Matching Activitiy

5) Learn Basic Shapes Game

6) Water Math Sensory 

7) Bottle Cap Calculator

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Your Guide to Becoming Momprenuer

Your Guide to Becoming Momprenuer

When you decide to become a mother, it doesn't mean you cannot become anything or anyone else. Many women today are becoming more and more independent and are focusing on earning their own income. In fact, the number of mothers becoming entrepreneurs has increased throughout the years. If you wish to become a mompreneur, take note of the following tips. You can work both worlds as long as do you not lose sight of several important things.

1) Planning is Important

Becoming a momprenuer requires planning. Just as businesses need business and strategic plans, so is becoming the person who will manage it. You need to think about your business and how you plan on to manage it. Do not just rush into things just because you want to. Regardless of how much you wanted to become a business owner, your venture will not succeed unless you think of a business that can remain relevant and keep operating.

2) Discipline

Remember, becoming a momprenuer means juggling family life and work at the same time. You need to have a good work ethic and a great sense of responsibility to do both. A successful mompreneur knows her priorities. You should decide which things should come first. Becoming an entrepreneur will test your ability to choose things over the other. You need to learn when to pass on doing something to make better use of your time.

3) Make an Inventory

Do a survey about your life. Take note of your experience, past jobs, education and even current resources. Think which business venture best fits you including your current living conditions and your responsibilities as a mother. A good business is something along the lines of your interest. You will find it hard to manage a business that you are not interested in. It's best do what you want so you will have the passion to pursue it.

4) Find a Mentor

Unless you have considerable experience in your chosen business venture, a mentor will do you good. A mentor can help you and advise you on what you need to accomplish. You will also have a better idea on how to run your business if you have someone with similar experience working with you. There are some things about running a business that you will not learn from books. People who have become part of the industry can give you the real deal.

5) Network

Networking works well for any industry and venture. Networks offer businesses and individuals the chance to interact with fellow industry players. You can also meet a lot of potential partners and clients through networking. Interacting with other entrepreneurs and businesses also gives a good insight on how the market is doing and what you can do about it.

Beyond the conventional responsibilities as a household keeper, mothers today are trying to explore what more they can do. These tips are just some of the ways you can successfully begin your new endeavour. 

By Grace Broadbent 
As featured in Parents Avenue Magazine/Issue #001/Oct-Dec 2015/Sabah

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