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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Top 6 Diaper Brands You Should Consider

Mamypoko diapers are perhaps the staple for every child in Malaysia. The brand value is exceptionally strong and the trust factor amongst mothers is unparalleled. Honestly, there’s nothing much to review on Mamypoko as they work great. The fit is good, the load-taking ability is fantastic and the nighttime reliability is also great. But I guess the most important thing to take note on Mamypoko is the price. During regular non-promotional/ sales times, Mamypoko can be quite pricey. However, during promotional periods, Mamypoko can be bought at a cheaper price if you’re buying two or three packs at once. The only tiny annoyance I have though is the bulkiness. If you’re planning to doll-up your daughter with close-fitting outfits, then the area between the legs will tend to look a bit puffy.

Affordability: Slightly Expensive
Overall satisfaction : 5/5

Huggies Ultra were the first diapers my daughter used. Firstly, the absorbency and the fit are both great. Although my daughter was born at a petite size of 2.87kg, the S-size diaper was still able to wrap around her waist and thighs pretty well. This is partly due to the stretchable garters at the waist that would work great on both large and small infants. However, I realized that Huggies Ultra diapers are pretty bulky as the length is a bit long – this explains the ability to take on heavier loads. This elongated design however also restricts the infant’s leg movements a bit. Despite that, Huggies would still be a good choice.

Affordability: Affordable
Overall satisfaction : 4/5

Another value-for-money brand that I like is Drypers. The material feels very dense albeit a tad bit stiff at the back. However, the noticeably large side guards are great for night time use when your infant is tossing around in bed. The absorbency is very good and the fit is great. The plus point about Drypers is the price. It is actually quite affordable, especially the jumbo pack where one piece could cost less than 45sen (M size). If you’re getting it at an online shop with discounts, the price could even be lower.

Affordability: Affordable
Overall satisfaction : 4/5

Pampers is perhaps just as pricey as Merries – both are made in Japan. However, I happened to stumble across it on an online shop for about half the usual price! The built quality is superior and the material is very sturdy. The absorbency is also great although it looks thin due to the honeycomb-like material used inside. Also, because of the special high absorbency material, Pampers are not as bulky as Mamypokos, which looks pretty nice with pants. All in, Pampers would be a great choice but the only downside is the price.

Affordability: Expensive
Overall satisfaction : 5/5

This locally manufactured brand is probably one of the most poorly constructed diaper by design. At first glance and first touch, the material feels rather promising and the side leak guards look pretty familiar. However, the double-fold design (instead of opening into a V-shape like most diapers, Whoopees opens into a U-shape) offers very limited height – Most diapers cover up to the infant’s tummy but Whoopees are far below that. This limitation in height causes Whoopees to be more susceptible to leakages from the back as poo is being excreted. Moreover, because of this short U shape folding design, I do not see how S-size will be able to fit babies larger than 5.5kg although it is supposed to fit up to 7kg. To be fair, I think that Whoopees will be more suitable for newborns below 5kg. The cheap price will be most suitable for newborns using 8-10 diapers a day.

Affordability: Very Affordable
Overall satisfaction : 2/5

Petpet is also another affordable locally-made diaper which is value-for-money. Because of its price, one could expect that it will have the familiar shortcomings. The absorbency and load bearing ability is just moderate – This can be seen from the thickness of the diaper. Perhaps not suitable for nighttime use as the infant’s tossing and turning could cause leakages. However, just like Whoopee, I would encourage mothers to use Petpet on newborns as the price is more palatable when you’re changing up to 10 diapers a day!

Affordability: Quite Affordable
Overall satisfaction : 3/5

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