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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

On a positive note, there are many treatment options, social services and programmes that can help. The problem is usually how to get access to them. Meeting with a healthcare provider or an educator can be a good source of information. Talking to an Autism Support group can help find local resources.

Meeting with a Paediatrician can help evaluate a child’s development and rule out other problems that may be helped and subsequently referred to the other experts who will develop an intervention plan for the child. Going through the transition to adulthood should be dealt with together with family members, healthcare service providers and other professionals.

Communications and reports should be kept well. Some adults with ASD are able to achieve independence to a certain extent thus self-advocay is an important aspect for individuals and family members with ASD. Through Self advocay, they may take on more responsibility for their education, employment, health care in their own community and else where.

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