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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Pregnancy: Lower Back Pain Prevention During & After

Pregnancy: Lower Back Pain Prevention During & After

By Chan Yin Keen, D.C | B.HSci (Chiro), M.Clin.Chiro
One Spine Chiropractic, D27, 3rd Floor, Center Point Sabah, Kota Kinabalu.

Lower back pain is a common problem that the majority of us have experienced before. The causes vary, whether due to lifting something heavy or repetitive stress or even sitting in a chair for too long, we have all been there at one point or another. Pregnancy is also known to cause lower back pain, sometimes blasting even after birth.

In the case of pregnancy, a woman typically gains a few extra kilograms which the back has to support. This is coupled with hormonal changes that relax and loosen the ligaments around the pelvic area to allow for the eventual birth. The same hormonal changes that allow for the loosening of the ligaments in the pelvic area can also affect the ligaments supporting the spine, which leads to instability and pain.

The other cause for lower back pain occurring during pregnancy is the shift in one’s centre of gravity as the baby grows, which will cause a change in posture as one’s body adjusts to the extra weight. Changes in our posture are a little harder to notice, but do add up as months of poor posture can lead pain and discomfort.


So what can one do to help prevent or reduce back pain while pregnant? Being mindful of our posture is one way. Keeping your ear lobes in line with your shoulders, pulling your stomach in, trying to not tilt your pelvis too far forward or backwards and avoiding slouching will do wonders for your posture when standing. Incidentally all this also applies when not pregnant. To avoid slouching the easiest way is to just pull your shoulder blades back, and chest forward.

In addition to putting less strain on your shoulders and back, you will look more confident and take in more air while breathing compared to when you are slouching.


The other thing I mentioned was trying to avoid having your pelvis tilted too far forward or backwards. Typically, we find a bit of anterior pelvic tilt going on, where the pelvis is rotated forward. To give us an idea of what it looks like, people with an anterior pelvic tilt will have an increased arch in their lower back, their belly jutting forward and a bum sticking out. Now some might find the idea of an increased arch and pronounced figure appealing, but what an anterior pelvic tilt introduces is muscle imbalances, weakness and low back pain.

What we want to do is prevent swayback or anterior pelvic tilt posture from arising, and we do that with exercise. Pelvic tilt exercises, core exercises, pelvic stabilisation and gluteal strengthening exercises are the kind of exercises that should be done before pregnancy to give your body a stable base to work with. Depending on the kind of exercise, it can even be continued with during your pregnancy.


On the topic of exercise, other exercises one can do when pregnant include mostly low impact exercises like walking, swimming or using a stationary bike. These exercises keep one active, aren’t stressful for the back, and in turn help us stay healthy and pain free. As always though, seek professional medical advice if you intend to do exercise while pregnant.

Other things that can be done during pregnancy to avoid unnecessary back pain would include not bending over to lift or pick things up when pregnant. This is solid advice even for those who are not pregnant.

A lot of people experience back pain due to lifting things with their back instead of their legs. Squatting, keeping your back straight while bending at the knees and hips to pick things up is fine as it does not put a strain on our back. For those who are heavily pregnant, having someone else pick things up off the floor is also an acceptable alternative!


Having adequate rest is important for soon-to-be mothers, thus one should be getting proper sleep. Sleeping on your back is generally not the best position at the best of times, more so when pregnant. This is due to the baby’s weight possibly affecting venous flow from the lower limbs back to the heart, as well as causing lower back pain too. I think it goes without saying that lying on your stomach during pregnancy should not happen as that puts pressure on the baby and possibly reduces
blood flow.


Ideally, you want to be sleeping on your side. A proper height pillow to rest your head, and your knees bent with a pillow or bolster between them will help reduce any strain in your back. All these tips should help prevent or minimize the risk of having lower back pain during pregnancy. Back pain after pregnancy can and does happen; as the hormonal changes during pregnancy that loosened the joints and ligaments did not happen overnight, likewise the return of strength to muscles and tone to ligaments will take time.


Typically if a woman has had lower back pain before or during their pregnancy, they are likely to continue to have back pain after as well. Adding the strain of pushing during delivery, bending down to pick up your newborn and even holding them to breastfeed or rocking them to sleep can cause postpartum back pain if you are not careful with your posture.

Postpartum back pain typically resolves itself after a few months; it is important to note that back pain in itself is fairly common and not something to worry about. Know when to seek professional help for your back pain, especially if it is severe pain, sudden severe pain, or having numbness or pins and needles down your extremities.

When in doubt, give your local medical professional a call and seek their advice. It is better to have as much information as possible in your hands about any pain or discomfort that you may be experiencing, so you can make the best decision for your health.

Should you need more information regarding back pain in pregnancy or related topic, kindly contact Chan Yin Keen at 013-810 0373 or visit his clinic One Spine Chiropractic located on the 3rd Floor of Centre Point Shopping Mall Sabah.

One Spine Chiropractic offers chiropractic solutions for people with musculoskeletal problems.

Friday, 15 June 2018

6 Father’s Day Gifts my Husband Secretly Wants

6 Father’s Day Gifts my Husband Secretly Wants

By Lisa Sabrina Ambrose | Writer & Content Director 

With plans for school holiday and Hari Raya coming up, did we all just forgot about Father’s Day? Oops.. it’s on Sun,17th June ladies! So after being married for nearly 10 years, I realised that I need to up the ante a bit. I must think out of the box this year and try to be a mindreader to what my husband really wants. I know men secretly wish their wives can read their minds. Neckties, wallets, briefs, perfumes, dinner at 5 star restaurant, Shirts, watches – I’ve done all that. I should try to be more unpredictable! So after doing some thinking, (extensive) research and inspiration-seeking, here’s what I think my husband secretly wants!

#1 Handmade and Homemade

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

Being the simple man that he is, my husband would definitely appreciate a homemade dinner cooked up by me, assisted by my kids VS an expensive fine dining affair. I’d make a fancy shmancy heart shape Nasi Lemak and the kids can help with making his favourite pie. Food will be presented after he reads a cute handmade card by us.  

We’d make sure the kids don’t take their afternoon nap so they’ll get knocked out early and we can get on to ‘dessert’ 😁

Investment: RM75
Effort level : 5/10
Love level : 8.8/10

#2 A Surprise morning picnic by the beach

To level up a bit from No.1, I think he would very much want me to repeat the surprise picnic Serene, my 6 year old daughter and I coordinated for him last year! With our helper, Aunty Kis as the accomplice, we drove out to Tg Lipat Park at 7am with a car full of pastries, overnight oat jars, yummy food, a mat, a parasol and some decorative items. Early morning joggers looked puzzled and some thought we were selling stuff!

Once ready, We texted ‘instructions’ to daddy and asked him to meet us there at 8. The genuinely surprised and touched look on his face was the best reward for all of us! He remarked that the “breakfast fit for a King” picnic was his best memory ever!😚

Investment : RM45
Effort level : 7/10
Love level : 9.8 /10

#3 A BBQ Grill ala Pitmasters

Known as the “Tukang BBQ” of the family, my husband loves an evening grill at our backyard ‘bila datang rajin’. Last year he DIY-ed a BBQ grill out of a ‘dorom’ (a used metal drum) which had been put to good use and had created so many memories for us.

But I think he secretly wishes to be standing behind a Dual Function 2-Burner Propane Gas and Charcoal Grill in Black and Stainless Steel from Weber or Coleman – he instantly looks more masculine when entertaining in front of friends and family! 

The price tag on this thing would probably mean that we have to sacrifice eating out for 6 months but it’ll be well worth it!

Investment : RM4500
Effort level : 9/10
Love level : 9.8 /10

#4 His own Bedroom TV !

When you have three kids, the Living room TV (and your whole life actually) gets taken hostage by them! The only shows on TV are either Baby Shark doo doo doo, Paw Patrol and Luna Petunia in our home these days🙄😏. We don’t even get to watch our favourite Netflix stand up comedy once a week anymore (largely due to all the vulgar language our kids pick up too quickly.  “What does d*ck mean mummy?” – for example 😅)

So I’m guessing that his own 32” TV and cast device where he can enjoy uninterrupted shows might be very much appreciated and needed. It’ll also create that exclusive hotel room ‘vibe’.
Should I throw in an adult subscription as “icing on the cake” 😆? Win-win!

Investment : RM700
Effort level : 8/10
Love level : 9.8 /10

#5 Penis Pokey “ Activity Book “

I nearly peed from all the laughing when I saw this! This is not your Sudoku book, ladies and gentleman. It is no child’s activity book. The Book Where You’re the Star!” is how the author describe it. Each page has a large die-cut hole in the centre so your guy can put his ehm, manhood in fun situations. It will turn his manhood into a banana, a hot dog, or a sea serpent. It’s a genius invention! 😜

He would secretly want this because after 10 years of marriage, I think we should put some sense of humour to spice things up! Imagine all the tickling laughter this book will generate! Not to mention the various “selfie” opportunities for me and him to “look back on” 10 years from now. Laughter is the best medicine, they say. And I can’t think of a better stress-relief book! 😬

Investment : RM70
Effort level : 5/10
Love level : 7 /10

#6 ME (in a birthday suit)?

Many articles say men are simple beings with simple needs and I think it’s no exception for my husband! Should I get myself “Jamu Rapat Menawan” and “Jamu Sedap Malam” to prepare for it so my husband will ‘mengaum’ as what the product claims? Hahaha! (seriously go google those testimonials guys) 

As for ehemm.. the “props” ..-There were so many sexytime kits suggestion I found on Google, some even shocked the old auntie out of me. I don’t even know where to start. Ann Summers has got some beautifully designed products and loads of ‘interesting’ ideas if you’d like to explore your inner naughty mummy. I tried going through ‘50 Shades of Grey’ for more ideas but I got too horrified with the complexity of it. So I’ll probably skip that! 😆

As funny as this idea may seem to me, I think just giving myself to him would be the winner. Not only will it help with de-stressing, it’s an important high level communication that will bring two tired parents closer. 

Dr. Willard Harley asserts in his book ‘His Needs, Her Needs’ that while a man has emotional needs too, a man’s view of romance is much more focused on a single experience: sexual affirmation and intimacy. So mayyybe... that’s what my husband secretly wants for Father’s Day? ðŸ˜‡ðŸ˜¬

Investment : RM0
Effort level : 10/10
Love level : 20 /10

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Property Hunter Convention 2018 Closes to Great Public Reception

Property Hunter Convention 2018 held on 9 – 10 June 2018 brings a new breed of convention to the Sabah market. A total of 2,550 convention goers ranging from first-time buyers to industry experts to seasoned investors converged on The Magellan Sutera Harbour Ballroom where the convention was held over the two days. 29 companies and organizations showcased their products at the convention with more than 30 projects on display.

A big attraction to this year’s convention were the talks that were held concurrently on two separate stages, namely the Apprentice and Master stages. Topics ranged from investment mistakes, to Airbnb, to tourism, to industry-specific topics like mall management, design and real estate agent certification. Notable speakers present at the convention included Georg Chmiel, Daniele Gambero, Siva Shanker, Ikhram Merican, Humphey Ginibun, Miichael Yeoh and Richard Oon, to name a few. A total of 20 exceptional speakers, all experts in their respective fields, presented their talks, sharing deep insights on their specialized industries with attendees. 

The convention differs from the norm by having multiple events happening at the same time. These fringe events, some open to public while some required pre-registration, included the Speed Dating and Matchmaking where developers, agents and the public can quickly match and make a deal; The Lunch and Learn sessions, sponsored by Hap Seng and Nippon Paint Malaysia which saw an outstanding turnout; The evening’s Night Crawl, a networking session, and Buka Puasa event for invited guests, both happening in parallel, garnered great reception.

Elson Kho, Director of Maxx Media Sdn Bhd, parent company of Property Hunter, says that the inaugural convention was a massive success. “The convention was a fresh new concept that we carefully curated and we hope it has been a good learning experience for the visitors and conference participants. Our exhibition, which includes property developments as well as home and alternative investment products represent the variety of options available when it comes to buying a home,” he said, adding his thanks to everyone that attended and his team for all the hard work leading up to the event. 

Property Hunter Convention 2018 was sponsored by Nippon Paint Malaysia, KOHLER, Tanjung Aru Eco Development, Sinobest Pacific Investment, Regus, Asia Plantation Capital and supported by DBKK, MIEA and SHAREDA. 

For more information about Property Hunter's services and events, 
kindly visit their website at

Friday, 8 June 2018

Inaugural Property Hunter Convention Kicks Off This Weekend

Property Hunter Convention gives value to everyone coming to the show by having multiple programs happening concurrently within the convention. This unique 2-day event will observe the presence of prominent industry players under one roof, empowering the audience by welcoming them to mix with industry players.

Property Hunter Convention, touted to be the largest property exhibition in East Malaysia, will be an opportunity for potential buyers and sellers. This two-day event will be free but attendees are encouraged to pre-register at the Property Hunter website to skip the queues. Talk sessions require tickets, however.

For those seeking to attend the myriad talks happening at the event that caters to first-time buyers to seasoned investors to industry players, tickets must be produced and are sold online at the Property Hunter website. These tickets will enable access to all the talks throughout the 2-day event and will be sold at-the-door on event day for RM150. 

Michael Hiew, Director of Maxx Media said that this is a special one for Property Hunter saying, “It's about time we did something big and different for the property industry. From a conventional property roadshow to a large-scale exhibition, we’ve covered it all over the years, but this is our biggest event yet. Thanks to our clients for the tremendous support.” 

Grab is also offering a promo code to attendees to and from Sutera Harbour on the event days. Using promocode GRABPHUNTER on the Grab app, riders will be entitled to RM5 discount per trip.

The Convention will see familiar property players – Gamuda Land, BinaPuri, Titijaya Land Berhad showcasing their latest projects, among others.

There are also some notable projects to look out for namely, Weston Development Pty Ltd (34 Merrifield Avenue Kelmscott, Western Australia), NCT (Grand Ion Majestic, Genting Highlands), Hap Seng Land (Akasa, Cheras South and ARIA Luxury Residence, Kuala Lumpur), Mah Sing (M Vertical, Kuala Lumpur) and UM Land (Albury @ Mahkota Hills, Negeri Sembilan).

Property Hunter Convention is supported by DBKK, SHAREDA, MIEA and sponsored by Nippon Paint Malaysia, KOHLER, Tanjung Aru Eco Development, Sinobest Pacific Investment, Regus and Asia Plantation Capital Bhd.

Property Hunter Convention will kick off on 9 – 10 June at Magellan Sutera Harbour Resort. This two-day free-admissions event will be open to public from 10am – 6pm. For more details about the Convention and talk tickets purchasing, visit

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Is my baby teething? Here are 7 signs to lookout for.

Is my baby teething? Here are 7 signs to lookout for. 

Written by Stella Matilda, Editor

Every baby will go through teething differently. But all babies will go through their first teething during their first year. Some are born with their first tooth, others around 4 months but most babies start teething at around 6 months. If your baby is anything like mine, you will probably notice these 7 signs of teething: 

1. Increase in Dribbling.
Your baby's mouth will develop more saliva during teething to lubricate the tender and bulging gums. So, do stand by a towel at all times to help clean it. 

2. Want to chew and bite more than usual 
You probably notice your baby is chewing their fingers and even try to bite you by now. Of course, there are many teething toys on the market that will help. I would also recommend teething gel as it helps on the spot. 

3. Fussy and Cranky 
Teething pain will make your baby fussy and cranky. Even being picky on food! Perhaps stand by some teether biscuit, it worked for me. 

4. Difficulties Sleeping
Due to the discomfort of teething, your baby will nap less and wake-up earlier in the morning. At night, your baby who once slept through the night will wake up several times for comfort. 

5. Decreased in Appetite
The pain normally would make your baby not wanting to eat. But keep trying to feed them as much as possible to maintain with their caloric input. 

6. Rubbing Ears, Chin and Cheeks
You might find scratches by behind your baby's ears, chins and cheek. This is because your baby is actually doing a self massage to create a counter pressure to ease some of the pain. 

You can also help with some baby foot massage using this information below:
(the purple colour would help for soothing your baby's teething pain)

7. Fever, rashes, cough and diarrhea
It is common that baby will get some slight fever during teething, coughs, diarrhea, fever rash and diaper rash. Although some doctor disagree, but many moms have detected these symptoms when their baby is going through teething, including me. My 9 months old baby is currently experiencing all the above, he has 6 tooth now, and we are suspecting more coming out soon. 

On the side note, during teething is also a time where your baby is most likely to catch viruses as they are always chewing on their fingers and biting everything. So you have to watch them closely and keep clean at all times. Clean their fingers every hour or so to avoid catching Hand Food Mouth Diseases (HFMD). 

Some baby may even go through teething with no pain or discomfort at all. At other times, some will go through all the above. You know your baby best. But do seek medical advice if your baby have any symptoms that are causing you concern. Its better to be safe than sorry. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


A family-oriented person, enjoy going on trips and hope to have a pair of kids of her own.

Interview by Stella Matilda | Image by Carynn Tanduba

Chloe Majinbon is the winner of our special pregnant mom category in COVERSEARCH 2018. She is such a beautiful person inside out and fun to talk to! We had the opportunity to ask her a few question to share with you. (Pssttt... we really love these photos. Pregnancy glow beautifully here!)

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a pretty regular person, nothing extraordinary about me. I am a very family-oriented person and love spending quality time with my husband by going on trips and short vacation with my love ones.

What is your idea of a happy family?
My idea of a happy family is a family that sticks togerher, it really doesn’t mater who you are or what you do, but as long as we stick together through thick and thin, support one another, respect each other - that makes a happy family.

How did you feel when you found out you are pregnant with your first child?
It was a total surprise! I admit I was in shock and at first I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream. My husband and I just got married last year July, and getting pregnant in the first year of marriage was not in our plan, we wanted to enjoy the first year as husband and wife, we have planned for many outdoor activities. I took a pregnancy test a week before we were schedule to climb the Mount Kinabalu in October last year. Boy, am I glad I took the test! As that was how I found out I was pregnant! I just had that feeling that I MUST do the test. I guessed my “mama instinct” kicked in early!

How many kids are you both planning?
We hope to have a pair, a girl and a boy. I come from a rather big family so if we are blessed with more, I will be just as grateful. Growing up with 3 other siblings was “dramatic” but joyful.

What is your most memorable moment so far being a pregnant mom?
I will never forget the moment that I first heard my baby’s heartbeat. I teared up and cried. I just could not believe that I am creating a tiny human being with such a strong heartbeat in me. It was surreal.

You are now 6 months pregnant and definitely glowing so beautifully. Any tips for our readers?
I would not say I am glowing but pregnancy has a way of changing a person’s appearance. Being pregnant is not an excuse for you to not take care of your looks. Because you will gain weight ( A LOT!), you will feel bloated most of the time and pretty uncomfortable. You will also feel horrible sometimes because you have lost your body shape and sometimes you get comments from people saying how “big” you have grown and judge you. I cannot stop by body from getting bigger, my baby is growing and so is my belly. Therefore, I try to look at my best while being pregnant to keep my confidence while embracing my heavily pregnant body. And when I feel great, my baby feels great too.

What are your top 8 essentials in your handbag?
1. Hand sanitizer
2. Wet tissue
3. Lip balm
4. Travel size stretch mark cream
5. Handkerchief
6. Dental floss
7. Mints
8. My phone!