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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Jesselton Medical Centre “A One-Stop” Tertiary Healthcare

JMC was established to be a centre of excellence in medical care to cater for the needs of the people of Sabah. JMC was designed and constructed over a period of three years. Meticulous attention was paid to the design and construction to ensure the safety and comfort of patients. Their attention to detail was also extended to the recruitment of our Resident Consultants, the majority of whom are recognised locally, nationally and even internationally. 

JMC’s philosophy is to provide a caring environment where patients are treated with dignity by dedicated professional staff. They are well aware that falling ill is a fact of life which results in patient, families suffering both emotional and financial losses. Their of these patients in the shortest possible time and they are able to do this as they have invested in the latest medical equipment and facilities.

Radiology & Imaging Services | 1.5 Tesla MRI
JMC has the capacity of 74 beds consisting of single and double bedded rooms, an Intensive Care Unit, Maternity Suite, Nursery bays and Phototherapy bays for the newborns. Furthermore, JMC has invested heavily in equipment and human resources. As an example they have the only Infectious Disease Specialist, the only Emergency Specialist in the private sector in Sabah and the only 640 slice CT scanner in this part of the region.

They also have self-contained isolation facilities in the hospital. In order to ensure that patients undergoing major surgery have the best chances of recovery, two of their major operating theatres are equipped with guided air flow systems which are the latest technology to ensure the chances of infection have been reduced to the lowest levels possible. They are the only private hospital in Sabah to have this.

Operating Theatre

Despite all of the advanced equipment that JMC has invested in, they are committed to provide affordable private health care for the people. In addition, their Medical Team is composed of a highly trained professional team of highly skilled specialists with significant experience with both outpatients & inpatients.

JMC ambitiously has a strong focus on preventive healthcare and a tenacious commitment to nurture excellence and expertise in healthcare and to make their vision of a future where the people of Sabah are healthy into reality. JMC is emerging as the preferred healthcare destination.

JMC synergize with government hospitals, general practitioners and other health institutions to ensure its patients get the latest treatment. JMC is also geared to provide medical treatment for medi-tourists. It has an ideal environment for tourists with its sister building –Avangio Hotel- a 5-stars rated hotel that was built adjacent to JMC. In addition, JMC is in the midst of registering itself with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) to serve and care for tourists who want to come both for medical treatment and to see Sabah’s natural attractions.

24 Hours Emergency Clinic & Ambulance Services
JMC is more than just a facility with the latest equipment; it also takes pride in having experienced and well-trained personnel at all levels. For patients, modern equipment together with highly trained and capable professionals to give an excellent personalised services right from the beginning and more importantly, proper diagnosis and treatment. 

1) 640 slice Toshiba CT Scanner
2) 1.5 tesla Toshiba MRI scanner
3) Phillips Epic 7 4D Echocardiogram
4) Phillips Cardiac Monitoring System
- Hospital wide integrated system
- Web enabled for remote viewing
- Enables doctors to monitor patients from home
5) Hologic Digital Mammogram
- First in the private sector in Sabah
6) Dedicated Qualified Emergency Doctor
7) Infectious Diseases Specialist
- Responsible for infection control
8) Bausch & Lomb Stellaris
- With fully integrated laser
- Only vitreoretinal surgical system that comes
with a dual light source
- Smallest incisions which is less than 2mm for
both retinal and cataract surgeries
9) Barco Lucie Point of Care Terminals
10) 37 Degrees Hospital Information System
- First in Malaysia
- Provides cross platform patient information
- Paperless Patient Information
- Able to view all patient data and X-rays
11) Operating Theatre Guided airflow system
- Only two in the private sector in East Malaysia
- Minimises risk of infection during surgery
12) Cytori Celution Stem Cell Therapy
- Prepare your own stem cells for treatment
- Treatment proven by clinical trials
13) Screening of all new born babies hearing
- Done by qualified PhD Audiologist
14) Screening of all new born babies for jaundice
- Transcutaneous bilirubin measurement
- Done without need for blood or needles
15) Genetic Screening
- Collaboration with Quantum Laboratories and AsiaGenomics

Jesselton Medical Centre, “An Institution of Trust and Quality”.

Should you need more information about Jesselton Medical Centre services and facilities, please feel free to contact them.

Jesselton Medical Centre Sdn Bhd
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88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
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Fax : +60 88- 388 896
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