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Monday, 26 November 2018

Baby & Toddler Holiday Essential Packing List

It's that time of the year again where we plan for that exciting family year end holiday! Although packing can be a nightmare especially with a young baby. But fortunately, we have a checklist for you to gear up to keep your baby comfortable and happy! Yay!!!

Here's a checklist of items you and your baby shouldn't go on holiday without.


 Wet Wipes
 Changing Pad
☐ Baby Sling/Carrier 
 Baby Blanket
 Burp Clothes
 Nursing Cover
 Change of Clothes for Baby (you never know when they will have a wet burp!)
 Large Ziplock Bags
 Baby Food/Formula (just in case! it's always handy to have some)
 Baby Snacks (if your baby is already eating solids)
 Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer
 Infant Vapor Rub (baby's nose can get stuffy in the airplane and long road trips)

Also Highly Recommended :

Grab a tub of this in case of insects bites, small scratches or bruises on your little one. 

Boo-Boo! Balm is a nourishing topical application ideal for a range of stressful skin conditions. Formulated with premium Helichrysum essential oil, this moisturizing balm will soothe your baby's delicate skin keeping it soft without the boo-boos! With so many uses and applications, it is always great to have a jar handy at home and during outdoor activity.

Available online:


 Diapers & Wet Wipes
 Baby Bath Wash (try get those head to toe ones to help save some luggage weight space)
 Nail Clippers (baby's nails grow 5x faster than ours, super fast!)
 Breastpump, milk storage or formula
☐ Bottle Cleaning Liquid & Brush
☐ Ziplock Bags (these are great for storing snacks on the go upon your arrival)
☐ Baby's Clothes and Socks
 Baby's Pajamas for Sleeping
 Baby's Bolster (for a cuddly night)
☐ For Hot Weather Gear - sunscreen lotion, swim diapers, bathing suit, sunglasses, sun hat
☐ For Cold Weather Gear - coat, mittens, winter hat, snowsuit
☐ Baby Sling/Carrier
☐ Play Mat
☐ Your Baby's Favourite Toys (just pick not more than 3 items, after all human interactions are the best entertainment for these growing babies!)


 Light Weight Stroller
 Portable Speaker or Docking to play white noise or lullabies at night (for better sleep!)

Gosh, that's a long list and that's not even including YOUR checklist on what to pack. Hahaha! Anyhooo, I hope this checklist help. Wishing you a great family adventure ahead. Do share your family adventure with me! Email me at

Holiday Hugs To You! 
xoxo Stella Matilda