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Tuesday, 4 December 2018


As a first time mom, I did not know what to expect in terms of the level of pain, or how being in labour feels like. A little advantage of being a doctor, how- ever, having had delivered quite a few babies vaginally or via surgery I’ve seen labour and am familiar with the process. 

The day my son was born, my contraction started around 3am. I squatted, walked up and down the stairs, bounced on gym ball until the pain was un- bearable, (hoping I don’t have to spend too long in labour room!), my bad, because by the time I woke my husband up and he got ready. I was in so much pain. I could barely sit still in the car on the way to the hospital. I was cursing all the way. Luckily it was early Sunday morning and the road was clear! 

Reached around 7am and I was 5 cm dilated! Wheel chaired to the labour room, and everything was fuzzy after that. The pain of labour is indeed one of a kind. Do you notice whenever you asked any mother how does labour pain feels like, you never really get a straight answers? Well, there is no straight answer! LOL! 

I was handed the Entonox (laughing) gas mask. It was not really in my mental plan. I had pictured myself going through natural labour without any medication. But at that moment of excruciating pain I just grabbed that mask and breathe it all in! It made me feel high, it did not take the pain away but it calmed me down during contraction free periods. Also in my mental plan, I did not scream, just grimacing. 

But guess what? It was probably the only time in my adult life that I actually screamed my heart out shamelessly. According to my husband I even hit him with the gas mask and barked at him whenever he tried to be helpful. Poor man. It did not help that I was later given pitocin to augment my contraction as it was in short bursts only. 

Of course, with Pitocin I was administered a shot of pethidine (painkiller) as well, which did not dampen the pain, just made me sleepy enough to rest between contractions. I was fully dialated around 9.45am, and my dear son was safely delivered at 10am sharp. I must thank the nurses and my gynecologist for being so encouraging and for the great services rendered. 

So that was it, once baby was out I already thought of having a second one. That’s labour pain for me, to hell and back to better earth now my son is in my arms.

Story by Theodora Hemalata, mother of one and a General Physician.

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