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Monday, 30 May 2016

Caring for Breast Cancer Victims & Survivors

“Just because you’ve got (breast) cancer doesn’t mean you lose your femininity.”

By Dessirae Foo | WD Unique, Cancare Sabah

Most women who have just undergone a mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast) are forced to deal with a body image that is completely different from their previous one. Feelings of inadequacy and loss of feminity are the most common underlying issues that constantly prey on a breast cancer patient mentally, emotionally and physically.

WD Unique was one of the first of its kind in Sabah, offering pre and post-operative ladies the opportunity to come to a specialist shop, where all the products and services are designed specifically for use after mastectomy.

Our mission is to provide a safe, comfortable and tranquil environment with a social conscience.

I wanted to be able to provide these products as I know it is currently not easy to find them in Sabah. My biggest goal is to create a place where women with cancer can also seek professional advice and personalized service in a friendly caring manner.

The products available at WD Unique include breast prostheses, mastectomy bras, post-operative surgical bras, compression sleeves, mastectomy swim wear, lingerie, aromatherapy products, chemical-free hair products, soaps and shower gels, non-metallic deodorants.

For women undergoing chemotherapy, we also stock cotton hats, scarves and synthetic wigs, real hair wigs and bra accessories as well as books on nutrition and women’s health issues. We cater services and items to ease the journey from pre-surgery to post surgery, during chemotherapy, during radiotherapy and empowerment for Life after Breast Cancer.

WD Unique is a place with high priority on privacy, women will be glad to know. We have large private changing rooms where customers can take their time to try on different products. As a qualified fitter I am able to identify different breast shapes and sizes and then suggest a prosthesis that closely matches the remaining breast. 

If both breasts have been removed, we would recommend a pair of prostheses, which is more flattering to the individual’s dimensions. If someone’s had a mastectomy two weeks before, I wouldn’t encourage a prosthesis fitting. This is because the surgical wound may not have fully healed. It would take at least six to eight weeks before they can be fitted to prevent further inflammation.

After that, we will be measuring the bra size to make sure both sides are even and measurements are taken from the middle of the rib cage to the middle of the chest wall. The common breast shapes are triangle, round and teardrop. The bras are then adapted to suit individual needs. For example, younger women prefer firmer breasts,” she explains.

My mother (diagnosed with breast cancer) and I went through the trouble to look for the things that WD Unique is now offering. Therefore, we are so specialized that we know exactly what the women need when they visit our store.

With WD Unique, we hope to ensure that their journey to recovery will be less frightening, full of hope and support so that they are able to make a difference and can get back to their daily routine as fast as possible after the treatment. 

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer, is not a death sentence. “Just because you’ve got (breast) cancer doesn’t mean you lose your femininity and with products like prosthesis, you almost feel normal again.”

Benefits of Wearing Breast Prosthesis 

A fitted prothesis restores body’s natural balance by avoiding side effects after mastectomy surgery. The side effects are caused by uneven weight distribution after surgical removal of the breast such as curved back spine, looped shoulder, shoulder pain or frozen shoulder and lower back pain.

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