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Sunday, 15 July 2018


Managing your family’s finances is not easy. In addition to the cost of raising your kids, saving for retirement, college tuition, home loans and much more. Nevertheless, finding balance for your family’s short and long term financial goals is possible. CMA Consultancy is a one-stop financial consultation firm consist of professional Financial Planning Experts in helping families like yourself. By creating a comprehensive, personalized financial plan, they are able to help you to prioritize your family financial goals, and on the same time help to protect your family income.


You deserve the support of a strong financial planner and CMA Consultancy is able to help you with the services below:

• Family Financial Planning
• Retirement Planning
• Gift of Love (Children Education Planning)
• Estate Planning (Will & Trust)
• Risk Management Planning
• Saving and Investment Planning
• Private Retirement Scheme


CMA Consultancy is founded by Cathy Molly Albert who has 10 years experience in accounting and financial planning industry. Graduate with a Bachelor Accounting Degree and also attached as a Chartered Accountant with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

Her passion towards financial planning and financial education helped the lives of many families until this very day. Her goal for CMA Consultancy is to save 200 more lives this year.

Currently, CMA Consultancy have advocate more than 300 families and taking care of hundreds of family’s financial portfolio in Sabah. Cathy Molly stresses that many people are still lack of awareness about financial planning in Sabah. She highlight that “Income Protection should come first and Gift of Love for the children is not an option but CRUCIAL.”


CMA Consultancy’s main goal is to make the financial process simple, even if your life isn’t. So firstly, they will learn everything they can about you, your family and your collective plans for the future. Then, they will minimize the risk by identifying areas in which you are financially vulnerable so that they can take action to protect your family and its assets. After that, they will help you decide which savings, investment and financial tools that are right for you and your family.

They understand that all of this might change, so they created a flexible financial plan so that they are prepare to respond to your needs and market fluctuations.


Need help in securing your family’s financial future? Request for a consultation. Call 088-307869 or 016-878 9219.

Written by Stella Matilda
As featured in Parents Avenue Magazine Issue No.12 (July to September 2018)