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Tuesday, 3 July 2018


When we think our child is sick, we take them to the see the doctor who will do a check up and diagnose what is wrong with them, letting us help them to get better as quickly and efficiently as possible. Simple, right?

Brain training is life changing for…

• Struggling students of all ages who want to keep up in class
• Children and teens with ADHD, dyslexia or autism spectrum disorders
• Successful students who want a competitive edge
• Athletes who want to think and react quicker
• Anyone who has suffered one or more concussions or traumatic brain injuries

A trained professional helps us through the process, reducing our stress and helping us resolve the issue. So why don’t we do this in other areas of our lives? For example, what do we do if our child is struggling to learn to read or keep up in school? Many parents turn to tuition centres, which are geared to give extra practice but unfortunately not to many address the underlying causes of any delay. Surely there must be a better way?

Luckily there is, BrainRx is a North American company seeking to help improve learning by identifying and correcting the issues that are holding your child back. After years of studying the various contributing factors to learning, the varied group of Doctors and experts that founded BrainRx concluded that the ability to learn is based on the strength of underlying cognitive skills and that it is possible, through a method called the Gibson test, to identify which of these skills are causing an individual child’s learning difficulties.

The Test

The Gibson test is child friendly, takes less than an hour to complete and is available in more than 20 languages (including Malay, English and many Chinese dialects) and scientifically measures a child’s performance in the following key cognitive skills:

1. Short and long-term memory
2. Processing speed
3. Auditory processing
4. Visual processing
5. Logic & Reasoning
6. Word attack skills
7. Attention

After the test parents receive a report detailing the student’s strengths and weaknesses, like an x-ray machine for learning skills.

The ways in which these skills affect the student’s learning, from here an individual learning plan can be made to improve the weak areas and boost the child’s overall ability to learn. Once a plan has been identified, sessions can be begun. BrainRx programs are 12 to 24 weeks of intense one-on-one help. The one-on-one training benefits students in two ways, by allowing programs to be sequenced at exactly the right developmental pace for each individual student and also to allow the instructor to deliver feedback for every exercise completed.

Feedback is a very important factor as correct actions can be praised whilst errors can be quickly identified and corrected. Immediate feedback leads to faster learning.

When should testing be performed?

Dr. Ken Gibson, founder of BrainRx and creator of the test, believes that testing should be done as soon as an difficulties are noticed as learning difficulties can put children off school and lead to poor academic performance; after all, who wants to keep trying at a task that you almost always fail?

Below are some common signs you may see if your child has any learning difficulties:

1. Avoid of work that seems complicated or hard.
2. Have trouble paying attention/staying on task.
3. Reverse letters and words.
4. Forget instructions or what was read earlier.
5. Take a long time to complete a task.
6. Keep making the same careless errors without realising it.
7. Be disorganised and frustrated when studying.
8. Have difficulties sounding out words and spelling.
9. Struggle to understand or comprehend what was read.
10. Do things that don’t seem to make sense.

Not just for students with learning disorders. While the BrainRx method is extremely effective when dealing with students with learning difficulties, they are not the only ones who can benefit from the program.

Improved cognitive skills can benefit people in all learning situations and BrainRx trainers can help people the following situations:

1. Children in all levels of schooling.
2. College students.
3. Adults wanting to improve their job performance.
4. Senior citizens seeking to stay mentally sharp.
5. Individuals seeking to enhance their skills.
6. Gifted students wanting to get ahead.
7. Athletes wanting faster reaction time, processing speed and memory.
8. Businesses that want to develop the skills of their employees.

BrainRx programs are now available at MyLearning Lab at No. B-1-4, Block B, 1st Floor, Metro Town, Jalan Bunga Ulam Raja or you may also contact 010-222 6799 for more information.

More information about BrainRX is available at